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18 Mar 2024

The Dental Hygienist Roadshow 2024 is coming to town

The Dental Hygienist Roadshow 2024 is coming to town

Following the resounding success of the 2023 event, Listerine’s Dental Hygienist Roadshow returns in 2024.

This year’s roadshow is an event you won’t want to miss, drawing on the achievements and learnings of the previous year to offer an even more enriching and engaging experience for dental professionals.

2024 Roadshow: elevating the experience

Building on last year’s success, the 2024 Roadshow promises an enhanced experience for attendees.

It focuses on the introduction of an adjunctive mouthwash, a topic that resonated strongly in the previous year, and expands on the latest research and its implications for patient care.

The event is designed to be not just informative but also transformative, reshaping the way dental professionals approach oral hygiene regimes with their patients.

A stellar line-up of industry experts

The 2024 event features a remarkable roster of speakers.

Professor Iain Chapple, a highlight from the previous year, leads the pack with his insightful research and engaging presentation style.

He is joined by Benjamin Tighe bringing fresh perspectives and valuable insights to the Q&A Forum.

Interactive and engaging format

One of the most appreciated aspects of the 2023 Roadshow was its interactive format, which the 2024 event retains and enhances.

The Q&A sessions are designed to encourage active participation, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the subjects presented and engage directly with the experts.

This format proved to be an effective tool for learning and networking, as evidenced by the positive feedback from last year’s participants.

And 2024 doesn’t disappoint, with an opportunity to attend the Q&A Forum on three different occasions, spread throughout the day.

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