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22 Apr 2024

A helpline for dentists in distress

A helpline for dentists in distress

Jeremy Cooper, founder of Confidental, a charity which provides a helpline for dentists in distress, is passionate about helping fellow dental colleagues struggling with their mental health.  

Confidental is a confidential listening ear and signposting helpline available for all dental professionals. “If ever you feel the need to talk anonymously to someone, you can call Confidental 24/7, 365 days a year and speak in confidence to a member of the profession. It does not matter what it is about – professional or personal – Confidental is there to listen to you, help you focus your thoughts, and signpost you in the right direction for extra help.”   

In a lecture at this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show, Jeremy will be addressing the increasing levels of stress being reported in dentistry and will share some tips to help dental professionals cope with the pressures of the job. Join Jeremy's session at 9.30am on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May in the Facial Aesthetics Theatre.

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