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How to check in with your colleagues without asking 'how are you'

How to check in with your colleagues without asking 'how are you'
Reach out to a colleague or peer this week!

Now more than ever, it's so important to check in with your colleagues and peers to see how they are. Sometimes, people can find the question 'how are you' to be quite confronting, or too direct to open up about how they are truly feeling. 

Other times, people appreciate being asked how they are, but don't know where to start. It can be hard to open up if a rapport hasn't been built or they don't know how open you are to engaging in a deeper conversation. 

The suggestions below are simple ways to reach out, engage in conversation, start a friendship or have an interaction with someone you're worried about... and they all cost nothing.

We hope you find this helpful - feel free to screenshot and save in your phone, or send to your friends and colleagues. 

  • Ask if they've seen a popular new TV show
  • Acknowledge things haven't been easy and ask if they'd like to talk
  • Tag them in something funny or interesting on social media
  • Send them a photo you love of the two of you
  • Give them a compliment about their work
  • Recommend a book that you've recently enjoyed
  • Pick up the phone and call them for a chat about their day
  • Send them an interesting article to read
  • Compliment their outfit or an accessory
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