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04 May 2023

Q&A with Dr Gina Vega

Q&A with Dr Gina Vega

Founder and director of Aligner Training Ltd Dr Gina Vega will be delivering a lecture about Clear Aligner Therapy with minimum maintenance at this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show (BDCDS) at the NEC in Birmingham. A specialist in Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry, Gina sits on the board of directors of the BACD. Having treated over 1,000 Invisalign patients to date, Gina is regarded as one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the UK. During her speaking session at BDCDS, Gina will be sharing her expertise with delegates, demonstrating how to achieve natural-looking smiles through clear aligner treatment planning without the need for composite bonding or porcelain veneers for finishing.

We had the pleasure of talking to Gina about her upcoming speaking engagement, her advice for dentists just starting out in cosmetic dentistry, and her expectations for this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show.

You’ll be speaking at this year’s British Dentistry Conference & Dentistry Show about clear aligner therapy with minimal maintenance. Can you give us a sneak preview of what to expect from your lecture?

Alignment, teeth whitening and composite bonding are very trendy at the moment, but are they really the best solutions for our patients? I will be talking about how important it is to diagnose cases correctly and create treatment plans which, from the beginning, have the aim of finishing each tooth in the right position, especially in the aesthetic zone. This will decrease the need for composite bonding or any other restorative treatment to “finish” the case.

Managing patients’ expectations with an honest approach is also important, and will educate the patients and help them take the best informed decision for their treatment.

I will also be sharing tips and tricks that will help Invisalign providers look at Clinchecks differently, helping to achieve the best results for our patients that will result in a beautiful smile for life with minimum maintenance!

What do you hope that delegates will take away from your speaking session?

I would like the delegates to take away tips and tricks that they can implement in their treatment planning straight away, as well an enhanced knowledge of how to manage our patients’ expectations and deliver honest treatment. I would also like delegates to leave knowing how using the 3D controls on the Clincheck Pro will help improve the teeth position to achieve a more aesthetic result.

You’re also the founder and director of Aligner Training Ltd. Can you tell us where your passion for Invisalign came from, and what you set out to achieve by creating Aligner Training Ltd?

My passion for Invisalign comes from the realisation that as dentists, we can make a big impact on our patients’ lives by changing the position of their teeth. For me, it is also essential to be able to practice with a minimally invasive approach, and teeth straightening is for me the number one step to achieve oral health.

My main motivation to create Aligner Training Ltd is to help dentists and their teams get confident in treating all types of cases with Invisalign. There are many dentists out there with a certification to do Invisalign who are not confident to start or feel intimidated by what they see on social media. My Invisalign Masterclass provides them with support and knowledge on how to conduct a consultation and improve their conversion rate by managing the patient’s expectations with an honest approach. There is also a teamwork element where we show them how to work in an efficient way with their nurses, so they can attend the Masterclass with their nurses if they wish.

In the Masterclass, I share my top tips on how to place attachments and do IPR in an efficient way and provide understanding of what to look at in a Clincheck and how to modify them using the 3D controls. Biomechanics and optimised attachments are also a big part of the Masterclass.

You’ve had a lot of success in your career and are very well known within dentistry. What advice would you give to young dentists looking to succeed in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry?

Lots of work and dedication goes into everything I do. I have an amazing team around me so none of my success is possible without them.

My advice to our young dentists is to start practising and to not be afraid to make mistakes. We all need to start at some point and we all make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and develop confidence and experience. Ask for help, find a mentor that will be happy to share their experience and go through your cases to improve your outcomes. And finally, do not feel pressure from social media. You should never be in competition with anybody but yourself. Take your time to develop the skills and be the best cosmetic dentist you can be.

Apart from your own speaking session, what else are you looking forward to about attending this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show?

I am looking forward to so many things! The conference is full of great and engaging speakers and the Dental Show really brings together the best trade there is! The social aspect of it is also very enjoyable. I love seeing friends and colleagues at the same time as learning about new trends in dentistry.

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