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30 Apr 2024

Revolutionising orthodontics with space-age technology

Revolutionising orthodontics with space-age technology

Firmly committed to the advancing landscape of dental care, Dr Kandil sheds light on the cutting-edge, space-age technology that is revolutionising clear aligners.

The 21st century has seen the coming together of education and technology in a way that has profoundly influenced oral health, particularly in orthodontics. These advancements have made treatments more efficient, less invasive, and more comfortable.

Crucially, the education of dental professionals in these new technologies ensures that these innovations are applied effectively, elevating the standard of care, and heralding a new era of patient-focused oral health practices.


Where we are today

The orthodontic market in the UK, particularly for clear aligners, is experiencing significant growth and development. As of 2019, the UK orthodontics market was valued at £118.7 million, with a projected growth rate at that time of 18.4% from 2020 to 2027, potentially reaching £295.5 million by 2027. This growth is driven by the rising number of orthodontic procedures and the increasing adoption of invisible orthodontics, including clear aligners (Fortune Business Insights).

Experientially and evidentially, there is no doubt that the clear aligners marketplace has been gaining popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and convenience. In 2022, standalone practitioners held a significant market share of 52.7% in the end-use segment, indicating a preference for private dental services. This trend is reflected in the increasing number of NHS dentists moving to private practice in the UK​​. Additionally, the adult segment dominates the clear aligners market due to the rising demand for dental aesthetics (Grand View Research; Fortune Business Insights).

However, there is a snag with the clear aligners that have been available to date. Namely, sustainability in dental care is becoming increasingly important to UK consumers. A significant number of consumers, approximately two-thirds, make purchasing decisions based on environmental factors, indicating a growing awareness and concern about sustainability in various sectors, including dental care (McKinsey and Company).

This trend suggests that dental practices that communicate their sustainability efforts effectively can build trust and enhance their brand popularity among patients, something that is challenging to achieve in a world where over 1.2 million non-recyclable aligners are produced daily.


A new breakthrough

Enter the new, sustainable clear aligner from ClearX - a benchmark in orthodontic care. These aligners, born of advanced space-age technology, offer unmatched precision and efficiency, all the while championing an eco-friendly approach.

Their groundbreaking shape-shifting technology, equipped with heat boosters, ensures faster, more precise treatment outcomes with a significantly lower refinement rate. This means fewer adjustments and a better patient experience.


The origin of innovation

This technology's roots lie in a concept developed in NASA's labs, using high-temperature shape memory polymers. This 4D shape-shifting technology, pioneered by K Line Europe GmbH, reduces the need for multiple aligners.

As Europe's leading original equipment manufacturer for clear aligners, the company combines high-tech manufacturing with outstanding service, offering patients both confidence and the perfect smile.


Efficiency and efficacy

The technology behind these clear aligners sets a new standard in orthodontic treatment. By reducing the number of aligners required and shortening treatment times, they allow for faster smile transformations and enable dental professionals to serve more patients without compromising quality. This results in superior service and heightened patient satisfaction.

Indeed, these aligners emphasise bespoke, individualised care for each patient. This personalisation extends beyond the aligners to every aspect of patient interaction, demonstrating a balance between patient care and efficient operational practices.


A sustainable blueprint

As touched upon briefly earlier, with over 1 million clear aligners being manufactured every day, the environmental impact is significant. However, the technology behind these new aligners represents a game-changer in this regard.

They are designed to minimise environmental impact while maintaining clinical effectiveness. By reducing the number of aligners used by up to 50%, they significantly cut down on plastic waste, presenting a sustainable option in orthodontic treatment.


Transparency in results

These aligners truly represent more than an orthodontic solution; they are a testament to the integration of advanced technology, precision, and eco-consciousness in dental care. By using the most technologically advanced materials available, this product embodies innovation and sustainability.

As the clear aligner industry grows, these aligners will be at the forefront, redefining the ecological footprint of orthodontic care and leading the sustainable revolution in dental health.

The truth is that choosing to offer your patients these aligners is more than just incorporating a new product; it's about joining a movement that values precision, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

This technology not only elevates the standard of care but also aligns with the global emphasis on sustainability.

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