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23 Oct 2020

You’re invited to join the movement!

You’re invited to join the movement!
Dr Rachel Derby, BAPD Chair of Trade and Sponsorship
The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) has grown substantially in just a few short months, now boasting more than 10,800 members on the Facebook page alone.

BAPD Chair of Trade and Sponsorship, Dr Rachel Derby, comments on why she got involved and why she feels the organisation has grown so rapidly in today’s climate:


“The COVID-19 crisis was the main catalyst for the creation of the BAPD, though the idea of it had been around for much longer than this. My involvement came about as a result of my feelings of worry and resentment for the way that the private dental sector was treated during and after lockdown. While it was, of course, important to support NHS dentistry, I felt that the private sector – which makes up a significant proportion of the profession today – was almost completely ignored. The lack of direction, guidance and help from the regulators and government for private dentists and practices was very disappointing. I was motivated to join the BAPD as an organisation willing and able to stand up for professionals in the private dental field, including dentists, dental hygienists, technicians and even trade members. I think many colleagues felt the same – we didn’t like what was happening and wanted to do something about it. The BAPD provided a means to unite and use one voice.”


The BAPD continues to advocate for individuals and businesses in all areas of private dentistry. Rachel shares what the key focuses are right now:


“We are currently looking to get involved in key decision-making aspects of UK dentistry. We have had meetings with the CDO and GDC, and we are getting our voice heard, helping to preserve the autonomy of private dentistry. We want to inject energy into finding solutions for what have long been issues for private dentists and private practices. While conversations surrounding NHS dentistry contract reform and UDA structure are matters for the NHS, private dentistry cannot and should not be excluded from discussions in areas that do affect us and the patients we serve.”


One example of how the BAPD is striving to inspire change is through its petition to put a dental professional at the head of the GDC following Bill Moyes’ step down, aiming to bring greater confidence in the regulator. Anyone wishing to support the campaign can sign the petition here.


To encourage the significant momentum gained already, the BAPD will be joining forces with the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show to present a brand-new theatre at the 2021 event – The BAPD Private Dentistry Theatre. About their new collaboration and what colleagues can expect from the programme, Rachel adds:


“We are the new kids on the block, but we want to build on what we have achieved so far and continue representing private dentistry. We hope to bring something new to the conference, injecting energy and motivating individuals to get involved.


“The BAPD Private Dentistry Theatre will provide a platform for people to speak and be heard. We are planning to present a combination of practice-orientated lectures and debates, discussions and Q&A sessions. It will be highly interactive, with BAPD members offering their insights and advice, as well as creating an opportunity for others to explore both the benefits and challenges of modern private dentistry. We especially look forward to seeing you all at the after-show drinks!”


If you are involved with the provision of private dentistry in any way, the BAPD Private Dentistry Theatre will be an interesting stop off during your visit to the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2021. For now, the BAPD remains dedicated to presenting and fighting for everyone in this field and you are invited to ‘join the movement’.


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