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DENTISTRY CONNECTED. A new dental magazine which is more than a news round up, it’s about keeping dental professionals connected and giving their community a voice. We aim to share with you the latest innovations, and emerging trends to make you and your dental team stronger for 2021.

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You asked for a 360 connection to industry and we listened! This brand new magazine has been inspired by innovation from both the practice and industry. We've succinctly packed just 39 pages with leading updates, insights and emerging practices and what's more, its 2 magazines in 1 due to dedicated section of articles focusing on dental technology written to keep you and your technician updated with the world of digital technology.  



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READ NOW: Cosmetic Dentistry - What's Fuelling the Growth?


...Baby Boomers are most likely to suffer from complex dental problems such as tooth loss. They often require comprehensive cosmetic and restorative treatment in order to maintain optimal dental function and aesthetics. On the other hand, Millennials are more likely to... 

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READ NOW: Digital Doesn't have to be daunting...

Social Media and Dentistry 2020 - the British Dental Conference and Dentistry show 2020

....Digital technologies offer many benefits to dental professionals in their everyday lives. The latest solutions available on the market are designed to simplify routine tasks, ultimately enhancing the quality of service provided- whether that is.... 

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The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Shiw

...Take Dentistry Connected beyond your practice walls by visiting the British Dental Conference and Dentistry show on the 11th & 12th September 2020.

As the UK's largest education and trade show designed for you and your dental team, only at this event will you join up to 10,000 thousand of your peers to discover, learn and network with the latest industry innovators.

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