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Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips (PAP)

Oraldent and Billion Dollar Smile Hall: 5 Stand: E60

Billion Dollar Smile’s revolutionary on-the-go teeth whitening strips treatment is the most convenient and visibly effective solution, powered by the latest PAP technology, to provide immediate results. Designed as a complete 14-day whitening treatment or occasional booster whitening, the teeth whitening strips for sensitive teeth utilise advanced non-peroxide technology with the oxidising whitener PAP effortlessly dissolving stains without causing gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, delivering strong teeth whitening for even the most sensitive set of teeth.

The ultra-thin teeth whitening strips offer a refreshing mint flavour and are coated with non-peroxide whitening gel, ensuring an easy, mess-free home whitening experience. As soon as you apply the strips, the process of oxidation begins, gently dissolving stains and revealing a whiter, brighter smile with the first visible results in just 15 minutes!


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