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Billion Dollar Smile Ultimate Purple Teeth Whitening Top Up Gel (PAP)

Oraldent and Billion Dollar Smile Hall: 5 Stand: E60

Unleash the purple whitening power with Billion Dollar Smile Ultimate Purple Teeth Whitening, a revolutionary gel designed to bring you dazzling whitening and brightening results, up to 10 Shades lighter, from the comfort of your home without the use of Peroxide. With the highest concentration of the latest advancements in whitening technology, this teeth whitening gel guarantees superior results for even the most sensitive teeth. Say goodbye to conventional Peroxide and welcome the power of oxidising whitener PAP. Clinically proven to deliver stronger and safer results, PAP breaks down stubborn stains without releasing any free radicals, so you can achieve a stunning smile without worrying about sensitivity, gum irritation, or sores.


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