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Morpheus3D Dental Solution

Morpheus Co., Ltd Stand: H84

Morpheus3D Dental Solution provides the soft-tissue analysis with 3D Face and hard-tissue analysis with Cephalometric. Through Auto-Tracing, it performs analysis of the morphological characteristics of the entire facial skeleton and the anteroposterior positions of the maxilla and mandible. In addition, it is possible to simulate facial changes expected after orthodontic treatment. The precision of this simulation, which is possible due to the key technology is an algorithm that automatically reflects changes in 3D soft tissue after tooth movement according to the treatment plan reflected in tracing, has been proven in several leading papers. In addition, a big strength is that it is easily check the amount of change in hard tissues as well as soft tissues by using not only 3D images but also the Cephalometric overlay function before and after surgery. Morpheus3D, equipped with these functions, can serve as a total solution for digital imaging dentistry in the dental market.


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