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Adam Nulty

Adam Nulty

President & Course Director, International Digital Dental Academy
Professor Adam Nulty is a distinguished figure in the field of digital dentistry, recognized for his pioneering contributions and educational efforts. He is a founder of the International Digital Dental Academy, where he has played a crucial role in advancing the knowledge and application of digital technologies in dentistry, both through the academy itself and through peer reviewed publications. With a profound expertise in digital implantology workflows and CAD/CAM dentistry, Professor Nulty has dedicated his career to teaching and developing patented innovative techniques through further qualifications and a PhD that enhance dental practice and patient care. He is highly regarded for his dynamic teaching style and has been instrumental in training dental professionals worldwide, fostering a deeper understanding and adoption of digital dental solutions. Professor Nulty holds several degrees and fellowships in dentistry and has received numerous accolades for his clinical excellence and contributions to dental education. His research and publications focus on the integration of digital technology in aesthetic, implant and restorative dentistry, making significant impacts on the field. As a keynote speaker at various international conferences, Professor Nulty continues to inspire and lead in the digital transformation of dental practices, promoting a future where technology and healthcare intersect seamlessly for improved patient outcomes.