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Ashley Latter

Ashley Latter

Managing Director, The Selling Coach
24 years ago, two Dentists took part on Ashley’s Two-Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme and since then, over 26,500 delegates, which include Dentists, Treatment-Coordinators, Specialists, Orthodontists, and team members have now taken this Programme in 16 countries world-wide, including the USA, Singapore, Canada, India and Australia to name just a few. This programme is legendary in the U.K. Dental World and is probably the most sought-after programme in Dentistry today. Ashley is the author of four books Helping patients to say Yes, Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy-How to Communicate effectively & Create the Perfect Patient Journey & You are Worth it-, How to Discuss fees with self-confidence & achieve the income that your services deserve. His latest book is called ‘The Practice Manager Jugglers Ashley has now delivered over 34,000 hours of Business Coaching to the Dental Industry all over the world, more than anyone else on the planet. Simply he is the best at getting Dentists and their teams to communicate with their patients, which results in a world class patient journey, more patients saying YES to treatment plans and increased profits for the Practices.