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Charles Brandon

Charles Brandon

Dentist with Special Interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Kent
Charles began his journey into cosmetic dentistry in 2016 under the mentorship of his already experienced principal. Since then, he has treated hundreds of patients using multiple different aligner systems, whitening treatments, and bonding protocols. Charles is currently working in tandem with a specialist orthodontist and under the mentorship of one of the leading aligner specialists in the US. Charles is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and involves aligners in this practice extensively, whether it be pre-alignment before veneers or composite bonding, comprehensive orthodontic treatment with aligners or pre-implant preparation of the mouth. His goal is to help guide clinicians on the same journey he began six years ago, to demonstrate how aligners can become a part of your daily practice and to show that even dentists with little to no experience in aligners already possess the skill to begin treating the simpler cases.