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Darja Taravski

Darja Taravski

Dental Health Practitioner, General Dental Practice
Darja Taravski, a seasoned dental professional with over a decade of experience as a dental nurse, has made significant contributions to the field of dental assisting. Darja embarked on her career journey, excelling in various aspects of dental care. Darja's expertise extends beyond traditional dental nursing, as she obtained qualifications in dental radiography and oral health education. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development led her to achieve a diploma in oral health practitioners apprenticeship, marking a milestone in her career. With this advanced qualification, Darja has expanded her skills to include applying topical fluoride, taking digital scans, and mastering the art of alginate impressions. Her dedication to providing comprehensive dental care and staying abreast of the latest advancements showcases her passion for enhancing oral health. Darja Taravski remains a dedicated and accomplished dental professional, contributing to the well-being of patients and setting a standard of excellence in the dental field.