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Ella Evans

Ella Evans

Qualified Dental Care Professional / Qualified Oral Health Practitioner, Kennett Road Dental Practice
Ella Evans is an accomplished dental professional with a robust career spanning over a decade. Beginning her journey in dentistry in 2014, Ella obtained her qualification as a dental nurse in 2016 and quickly immersed herself in various facets of the field. She expanded her expertise by completing specialized courses in radiography and oral health education, culminating in a Diploma in Oral Health Practice. Ella's commitment to advancing her skills is evident through her proficiency in digital scans, application of topical fluoride varnish, and expertise in alginate impressions. Her scope of practice extends to providing comprehensive oral health education, including complex topics. Ella is deeply devoted to delivering exceptional patient care, aiming to enhance the standards of service at Kennett Road Dental Practice and within the broader dental community. Her unwavering dedication underscores her passion for improving oral health outcomes and contributing positively to the field of dentistry.