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Gregor Connell

Gregor Connell

North American Director of Clinical Education, VOCO North America, VOCO Canada/America & GmbH
Mr. Connell has spent thirty-five years in the dental industry and over forty-five years involved in Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Professional Training and International Lecturing He is described by his dental industry peers and clients as a dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. One who brings not only technical and educational content to every session...but delivers it with clarity, acuity and humour. Mr. Connell has been published Internationally and has lectured in over 50 states, from coast-to-coast in Canada and throughout Europe, New Zealand and Australia. His audiences vary from Distribution Sales Professionals and their Management groups, to Private Study Clubs, Dental Societies or Dental Schools (Students & faculty) to large National and International trade show venues. Any topic presented, is delivered from a foundation of deep knowledge and understanding. Passion is the "fuel" that brings the presentations to life for his audiences.