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Patrik Zachrisson

Patrik Zachrisson

Dental Surgeon, International Digital Dental Academy
Prof. Patrik Zachrisson, a distinguished Dental Surgeon hailing from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, stands at the forefront of modern dentistry and is a well known lecturer, mentor and clinician. He gained his MSc in Implantology from Rome and is a leader in the field of digital dentistry. His multifaceted career is spanning clinical practice, academia, and technological innovation. A visionary entrepreneur, Prof. Zachrisson co-founded the International Digital Dental Academy and now acs as Vice President. He plays a pivotal role in advancing digital dentistry worldwide with a keen interest in Implantology, Smile Design and Orthodontics. He is Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Dentistry at the College of Medicine and Dentistry in Birmingham, and brings his wealth of expertise to shape the next generation of dental professionals. His commitment to education extends globally, lecturing on digital dentistry at international forums and in the UK, heads the education committee for IDDA post grad courses and is Lab Director at IDDA. Dr Zachrisson is a founding partner of the Digital Smile Studio, 128 Harley street, where he is providing high end multidisciplinary treatments in orthodontics, implants and smile design and is also principal of The Wensleydale Dental Practice, a 10-surgery private clinic in Cambridge. Complementing his clinical practice, he runs the Wensleydale Dental Laboratory, a state-of-the-art full service dental laboratory equipped with the latest digital technologies for precise and efficient labwork. Dr. Zachrisson's accolades speak volumes of his impact on the dental community, with prestigious honours such as Dentist of the Year 2018 and Best High Technology Practice 2018. As a Key Opinion Leader for several leading dental brands including CEREC by Dentsply-Sirona, Shining3D and Ackuretta, he continues to shape the future of dental technology through innovation and collaboration. A trailblazer in orthodontics, Dr. Zachrisson's expertise spans a spectrum of clear aligner systems and driving the development of groundbreaking solutions such as the DDA Aligner. He remains at the forefront of digital orthodontic advancements, contributing to publications and serving on editorial panels to disseminate knowledge within the dental community. As a prolific advocate for digital dentistry, his patient-centric approach, coupled with a passion for3D printing, photography, aesthetic treatments, restorative dentistry, and implantology, embodies a commitment to delivering exceptional care and transformative outcomes for every patient.