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Quintus Van Tonder

Quintus Van Tonder

Director, IDDA International Digital Dental Academy
Quintus Van Tonder is a multi-award-winning clinician and a distinguished graduate from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Province, South Africa, earning a BChD degree in 2000. After his graduation, he dedicated a year to serving underprivileged patients at a state clinic in the Mosselbay region of South Africa, providing essential dental care to thousands. In 2001, he took his passion and expertise to the UK. His commitment to further education led him to obtain a diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry in 2011, showcasing his deep passion for cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Quintus's enthusiasm for technology has driven him to integrate the latest advancements into his practice, greatly benefiting his clients. He is particularly passionate about creating lifelike restorations chairside, utilizing cutting-edge software like Exocad, Dentsply Sirona inLab and CEREC. He meticulously finishes the restorations in-house, with a keen focus on surface texture and the detailed processes of staining and glazing to ensure each restoration perfectly mimics natural teeth. His technological adeptness extends to extensive use of 3D printing technology, revolutionizing dental treatment planning and execution. His comprehensive training and experience have made him a proficient user of these technologies, enhancing his ability to craft beautiful smiles and restore dental health, both functionally and aesthetically. In addition to his clinical achievements, Quintus is an Assistant Professor of Digital Dentistry for the College of Medicine and Dentistry with Ulster University. He currently holds the position of Vice President of the International Digital Dental Academy, contributing significantly to the field of digital dentistry through his expertise and leadership.