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Reena Wadia

Reena Wadia

Specialist Periodontist, RW Perio
Dr Reena Wadia is the Founder and Principal Periodontist at RW Perio, which she set up and grew into an established, state-of-the-art, 4 clinic surgery on Harley Street. RW Perio has become the largest and one of the top specialist gum clinics in the UK. Dr Reena’s mission is to bring forward to importance of gum health, incorporating it into a lifestyle approach. This focus has been celebrated regularly in tier 1 press, including Forbes, FT How To Spend It, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The Times, BBC etc. Her podcast, Life & Smile, was launched this year with guests including Sarah Harris (British Vogue), Lydia Slater (Harper’s Bazaar) and Harpz Kaur (BBC). As well as being passionate about acquiring new knowledge, Dr Reena has always encouraged and supported other entrepreneurs, dentists, and hygienists by sharing any learning and experiences. She is the Founder of Perio School which is now the Leading Global Teaching Academy for Periodontal Courses, teaching dental students, dentists, and hygienists for over 10 years. Dr Reena endeavours to contribute to the profession through her role as an Invisalign Advisory Board Member and she also an Expert Advisor on the BDA Indemnity Board. In addition, Dr Reena has been named as co-editor of the ‘Other Journals in Brief’ section of the British Dental Journal and is a trustee of the Oral & Dental Research Trust (ODRT).