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Ross Hobson

Ross Hobson

Training director IAS Academy & specialist orthodontist, IAS Academy / CGDent
Graduated Newcastle, specialist orthodontic training Dundee. Lecturer then Senior lecturer/Consultant, Head of Department leading NE Orthodontic MSc/ Specialist training, published >60 articles on Orthodontics, hypodontia, materials and education. Mmember of BDA Executive Board 2004-2008, awarded BDA Fellowship (2010) for contributions to the profession. Ross led UK development of dental education standards with LTSN-01(MEDEV). In ADEE he led European and World Taskforces in educational assurance and benchmarking; awarded ADEE Excellence in Dental Education Award 2009 2009 established Windmill Dental Suite in 2012 established Windmill Orthodontic Group of 8 practices. Chair in Orthodontics at UCLan (2012) to develop part time specialist orthodontic training. 2015 IAS Academy as training director. His passion is making orthodontics simple and accessible to everyone.