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Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams

Specialist Prosthodontist, smile2o and Align
Wayne has been an invited speaker to international conferences, clinical and academic institutions, education and lecturing programs in 31 countries. Clinical advisor to numerous medical/ dental companies in the USA and throughout Europe, over the past 25-years. Held positions as the International Clinical director for Milestone Scientific Inc. (USA) and a lead clinical specialist in Harley Street and the City of London. Numerous publications of scientific papers in peer reviewed, international clinical and research journals. Recipient of the Colgate Prize for post graduate research. Wayne is the lead clinical specialist at smile2o in Wokingham, Berkshire. Currently writing two books for publication, one as the sole author “The Art and Science of Modern Local Anaesthesia” and the other in collaboration with a legal colleague/ patient - “Negotiating for Dentists and all those around us.” A KOL and speaker for Align Technology, developing clinical strategies and exploring restorative advantages of using intra-oral scanners.