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Jurgita Sybaite

Jurgita Sybaite

Aesthetic Restorative Dentist, BM Prosthodontics
Jurgita Sybaite is a highly accomplished aesthetic restorative dentist (MSc in UCL Eastman, 2019). She received the prestigious GC UK post-graduate prize for his outstanding performance in both academic and clinical realms, marking her distinction as a top performer in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Jurgita's passion for tooth morphology has inspired her to teach her students the art of reproducing beautiful smiles and functional restorations. She has developed innovative teaching methods to help her students achieve excellence in aesthetic dentistry. Jurgita works at a specialist practice in London's prestigious Harley Street alongside renowned Dr Basil Mizrahi. Jurgita is also a lecturer at Eastman Dental Institute and Mizrahi Dental Teaching Academy, where she covers the topics on smile aesthetics, smile design, anterior direct and indirect restorations, and occlusion.