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Why Visit?

Why Visit?

Why attend the British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show 2024?

BDCDS is the UK’s largest dental show, making it a staple for thousands of industry professionals across the globe.

But let’s cut to the chase…here are four simple reasons why you should be there!


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Live events like this are an irreplicable experience to join together in developing personal and professional development across the industry.

Whether that be to gain CPD for yourself, learn resolution tactics for issues you’ve noticed in your practice, or buy revolutionary equipment, you will leave BDCDS with a whole new outlook.

Only The British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show will deliver: 

Enhanced CPD for the entire team

With a finger on the pulse, we deliver only the most relevant and applicable hot topics across 13 theatres. Plan your day effectively and you could gain up to 15 CPD hours across the two days!

Hand-on sessions

The best way to learn a new skill, theory or technique is to watch it in action. That’s why many of our exhibitors offer demonstrations showcasing the latest products they have to offer.

Networking opportunities

Networking has never been easier. Before even arriving at BDCDS you are able to connect with other attendees, exhibitors and speakers via the Dentistry Shows event app. Making simple connections can lead to opportunities later down the line, so make sure to visit the networking lounges at the show!

Internationally renowned speakers

The speakers at BDCDS are largely to thank for the quality of the conference programme. Bringing in 200 of the biggest and most accomplished names in the industry, you are guaranteed to hear the latest discoveries and insights to improve your own skills.

Who should attend?

BDCDS is an event for every dental professional. This includes principals, owners, dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, practice managers, dental hygienists and dental therapists, dental nurses, dental distributors and the list goes on…

The latest products

The fast-paced environment that is dentistry means that there are hundreds, if not thousands of new products and services on offer. BDCDS is the perfect opportunity to meet with 400 exhibitors and speak face-to-face about the innovations that are of interest to you.  

Don't just take our word for it....

  • “There's only so much you can learn from online education, but face-to-face communication, having products in front of you that you can play with. Try a matrix band on, put a ring on, and put a wedge in. Does it ping off? Why? Using the knowledge of clinicians and trader alike to help you iron out kinks in your daily workflow and also open your eyes as to what you can aspire to be in future. You have to get that hands-on experience in order to progress and it's great fun as well. The British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show Birmingham is awesome. I'm all for it.”
    Nikhil Sethi Director, Elevate Education
  • “It’s fantastic. I've bumped into four or five people I know and seen one of my trainers from nine years ago as well. It's an incredible place to network but also to learn about new technologies and software. We are all trying to become the latest dental practices with state-of-the-art equipment, so this is the place to come.”
    - Kiran Shankla Restorative and Aesthetic Dentist
  • “It's a really important event. Getting the profession together face-to-face is always nice. The ability to network, attend lectures and also speak to suppliers and stakeholders shows the really importance of the British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show every year. I'm here speaking on my own but I've come with the whole team and they're getting CPD and overall that makes it a really worthwhile trip for us to make as a practice.”
    Jason Wong Deputy Chief Dental Officer, NHS England
  • "The British Dental Conference & Dentistry show is so important. It’s networking, you come here, you meet people, you can see what's happening in dentistry right now. You meet colleagues, discover job opportunities, get recommendations for equipment and really pushing our clinics forward. A man is not an island, we need to work together and how are we going to work together if we don't see each other? The British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show in Birmingham is awesome"
    Dalia Hassoun, Associate Dentist, Wilson Road Dental Surgery
  • “The British Dental Conference & Dentistry show is like a big menu. You can choose from a big menu of topics that you need to update yourself on or the things that are most interested in. It’s an amazing platform with an amazing variety of opportunities for people. As speaker you can always hear that buzz of people, but actually that's okay because people are genuinely interacting and moving around and making the most of everything being under one roof. It is the ideal learning environment because you've got presentations given by people that know their subject. You can then go to the trade and you can align with what you have just learnt.”
    Iain Chapple Professor, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Director of Research Institute of Clini

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British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show is a trade event and not a recommended environment for children, there is no childcare provision at the show so please plan in advance.